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Take this Quiz to See if You Suffer from “I’m So Busy” (ISB) Syndrome

Do you have ISB Syndrome? There is a growing disease in the world of leaders which has reached epidemic levels. The CDC calls it “ISB" Syndrome or “I’m so busy” Syndrome. Leaders Balance Busy Schedule

In 2002, I was diagnosed with ISB Syndrome, and it caused devastating results. After treatment, I am glad to report it is in remission now!

There are leaders around the world who have these symptoms. Now I can diagnose leaders just by talking to them for 5 minutes.

Use this checklist to see if you have symptoms of ISB Syndrome which may need to be treated:

  1. Feeling like I am running around in life like a chicken with its head cut off.
  2. The air in my balloon goes out when I am asked to take on a new responsibility.
  3. Fear overtakes me when people ask me to help them.
  4. Regularly dropping the phrase “I’m so busy” with family, coworkers and friends.
  5. Breathing out when I think about all that is going on.
  6. Not having time to do the things that are meaningful and enjoyable.
  7. I regularly turn down good opportunities because it is just another thing to do.
  8. Scheduling appointments back to back to be more productive.
  9. My workspace is covered with debris from meetings long gone.
  10. Inability to utter the word “NO” when my gut says I should.

1-3 You don’t show signs of ISB Syndrome. You should consider joining a monastery so you can enjoy being with others who have a low-key lifestyle. You may need to “get a life” and meet new people and try to accomplish something meaningful. You might be lying to yourself with such a low score. Go through the checklist again and possibly seek “Reality Treatment.”

4-6 You have early onset ISB Syndrome, practice saying “NO” at least five times a day. Slap your face every time you are tempted to think or say, “I’m so busy.” Avoid other people who are suffering from ISB because it is contagious. Seek out preventative measures to prevent the growth of the condition.

7-10 You have full-blown ISB Syndrome. Check your health insurance policy because you are about to use it. Start using the phrase, “I have a previous commitment.” Consider attending meetings of PPA -People Pleasers Anonymous. Build back a regular habit of enjoying God by reading his word and talking to him. Seek immediate attention!

Click the link to find out more about the “Burnout Recovery and Renewal” treatment. Contact me if you would like a free ISB Syndrome consultation.

Remember there is help, don’t suffer alone. As Jesus said, “Come unto me all who are weary and heavy-laden, and I will give you rest.” (Matthew 11:28)