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Task Management like a Pro

After my Microsoft Outlook Tasks got messed up for the third time at work, I have been on a search to find a good task management solution.  I think I have found it! My criteria for a solution was the following:

  • It had to be an online application I could use in my PC work world.
  • It had to be accessible on my Mac Book Pro, iPad and iPhone.
  • It could connect to Evernote, my life notebook for everything I can't keep in my brain.
  • It could have sorting features so I could organize the tasks into different groups.
  • It was easy to use and make changes quickly.
  • It allowed me to use the voice technology with Apple products so I could speak a task into being and not have to type it.

The solution that I found is called Nozbe!


I converted all my Microsoft Outlook Tasks to Nozbe and have loved the results.  I have Projects called "Planning Time", "Master", "Key Projects", "Prayer Plan", "Prayers", "Family", "Coaching Business", "Work", "Books", "Staff (name)".

I take a few hours on Monday to organize and update.  I take 10 minutes in the morning to prioritize the tasks for the day.  Using it across all platforms has given me greater freedom and productivity.

There is a free subscription with limited "projects".  I just ordered the $8 a month version to get more space for projects.  I feel like I am even more of a task management pro now!

I you decide to use it, please use my affiliate link to help me pay for 6 boys and their college tuition!

What are some helpful ways you manage your tasks?