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Unplug to Recharge Quickly

Do you ever feel the need to unplug as a leader?  Take a brief minute to unplug right now. Unplug to Recharge Quickly

We are always “on” as a leader and it can easily lead to fatigue, poor decisions and burnout.  When we do have time to unplug it can lead to renewed energy, creativity, focused perspective and we are just easier to get along with!  The concept of “unplug” can mean many things to many leaders but the reality of unplugging is one of the key’s to faithfulness and survival as a leader.

Here are some powerful questions for you to consider as you intentionally plan time and ways to unplug.

What are harmful ways I unplug which need to be eliminated from my life?

What is the most helpful and healthy way I unplug?

What are the benefits to myself when I unplug?

What are the benefits to those I lead when I unplug?

When is the next time I can unplug?

I would love to hear ways you unplug and the benefits you have experienced!