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Simple but Powerful Prioritization Tool to Sort Lists Fast

Prioritization Tool
Prioritization Tool

As a leader, there are so many decisions we are called upon to make. It is rare that a decision is plainly clear. All the various factors can be overwhelming and can cause procrastination or inaction.

How many times have you as a leader had a list that you needed prioritized?

  • factors for a decision
  • steps of a project
  • candidates for hiring
  • organizational values
  • purchase orders
  • books to read
  • people to contact
  • blog posts
  • ideas for a new product or service
  • company initiatives
  • topics for presentations
  • professional development goals
  • weekly, monthly and yearly tasks
  • honey do list
  • home improvement projects

Prioritizing is hard to do in your head or even on paper. I have seen various tools through the years but have never found one I liked and consistently used until now.

Daniel Hooper, my son, founder of Hooper Software LLC, and creator of Principle for Mac, designed a formula for a prioritization tool which sorts lists fast.

You simply type out everything on your mind, hit “sort” and then click on which of two items are more important. When all the questions have been answered you have your prioritized list!

Watch this short video demonstrating how to use the prioritization tool:

Once you have your prioritized list, you can transfer that into your project management system and/or calendar.

The key is not to prioritize what’s on your schedule, but to schedule your priorities. -Stephen Covey

Nozbe is my project and task management software I use to successfully manage projects and tasks for all aspects of life. (This is my affiliate link if you decide to get a trial and then purchase.) During my monthly and weekly planning time, I use the list in Nozbe to plug things into my calendar.

If you are low tech guy, simply writing your list on a post-it note will keep your list on the forefront.

Give the Prioritizer tool a try now!

What kind of list did you just prioritize? How did you like the tool?