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Professional Certified Coach Celebration!

Hello friends,

I wanted to let you know about an exciting achievement.

The last three years I have been helping pastors ignite a life on life missional discipleship movement in and through their churches.  In these three years, I have had the privilege of talking to over 400 pastors and we have conducted around 16 Life on Life Clinics.

It was my desire to get the best possible training which I found through a training organization called Professional Christian Coaching Institute.  The training involved taking 125 hours of coach specific training and receiving 20 hours of mentoring coaching.

In order to be certified one must complete the 125 hours of classroom training and also complete 750 hours of coaching, and pass two oral exams and a written exam.


Today I received word from the International Coach Federation that I have been awarded the Professional Certified Coach credential!

I am thankful to Perimeter Church and especially Bill Wood for making this possible.  This investment is already bringing a high ROI for the kingdom!

Providing the best possible coaching for pastors and leaders is my passion and calling.  Many of you have been hearing about this journey so I wanted to celebrate with you.

Thanks for celebrating with me!

Charles Hooper - Leadership Coach

PS. Now I am making a reservation at J. Alexanders for a celebration dinner with Jill.