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The Power of (Blog) Words

One day I saw a friend’s blog and decided I wanted to have one.  I love “top 10″ lists so I decided to make a top 10 list of why I blog.

10.  Seems like everyone who is someone has one.

9.  I have kept a journal (NOT a diary) ever since I was 14 years old.  Journaling is such a positive practice but it is not meant to be read by others.  A blog seems to be a public journal.

8.  Writing makes you more precise in your thoughts and words and I want to know how to communicate more precisely.

7.  Life is short and many good thoughts and ideas are lost because we don’t share them with others.

6.  Back in the day, people would actually read whole books, now we watch movies and sitcoms.  We have evolved or devolved into Facebook and twitter and the bumper sticker messaging.  With a blog at least you can state a paragraph and maybe people will still read it in the few minutes they have between the hectic lives we live.

5.  Words still have meaning.  Those who can put them together in a meaningful way still have more power than those who use the sword.

4.  Proverbs tells us that those who speak too much are fools.  Writing has a way of focusing thoughts so words have weight.

3.  If you can put your thoughts, emotions, deep desires and choices into words on a blog you can probably communicate them in a live conversation with another person.

2.  It is fun to find pictures to match the blog entry.

1.  I simply want to.