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It is hard to over-estimate the benefits that being coached by Charles has produced in my life. Like a lot of doctors, I think I was pretty good a completing tasks set for me by others, as this is what helped me excel in medical school and residency. But now, well over a decade into my career, I struggled with how to even envision the future I wanted for my work and personal life, let alone to chart a path forward. Being coached has made a tremendous difference, not only in helping me clearly see my values and priorities in all areas of life, but especially in translating those ideas into daily, tangible and achievable tasks.
— Dr. Marcus Moody, Private Practice Otolaryngologist
I regained confidence in my calling and ability to lead.
— John Roberts, Headmaster of a private school
How encouraging to have someone to help me move from point A to point B in my life and business. This combined with being a powerful external resource whose sole purpose is to empower me to accomplish that which I feel led to accomplish, has been a huge help in accomplishing my goals.
— Van Purser, Van Purser & Associates, LLC
I received a safe environment to verbally process my thoughts with laser focus in the midst of life and career distractions. Charles asked great questions from a standpoint of relevance and understanding. I have renewed energy and vision to stay engaged with my calling
— Carey Palmer, Surgical Oncology Sales Manager at Angio Dynamics
Charles is an excellent coach using gospel dynamics along with his professional training and skills. I highly recommend him and have referred several friends to him already as one of our certified Gospel Coaches.
— Dr. Tom Wood, President of CMM, Inc.
Charles helped me create a blueprint for my life that has brought results much faster than I thought possible. I have been helped in all aspects of my life in order to become the husband, father, provider, and leader my family deserves.
— Tony Moussakhani, Keller Williams Reality
Charles’ leadership coaching filled a critical gap at a time of transition in my life. I have had many mentors in the past and can say that Charles’ coaching skills -and the heart behind it - are few I’ve ever encountered.
— Jonathan Stamberg, Entrepreneur
Charles offers expert coaching for high performing leaders. He helped me through questions, issues, and assisted me in uncovering barriers as well as making tough decisions. Charles is an excellent listener with great personal character and skill. I highly recommend him.
— Jim Moon, Coaching Catalyst for CMM Inc.
Charles pours himself into the lives of those he serves through coaching around the world. He combines the head and the heart -he’s the genuine article. We are glad he is on the teaching faculty of PCCI!
— Christopher McCluskey, President of PCCI
Coaching has allowed me too address some root issues in my leadership that I have often talked about but had never made progress in. Being coached by a skilled professional has given me so many tools to use within my own team.
— James Lunn, Youth with a Mission Leader in South Africa
Charles helped me understand to not spread myself too thin. Less is more. It’s better to do fewer things well than do more in a mediocre way.
— Scott Hollins, University of Alabama Football and Basketball Chaplain