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Transformation from Inside > Out

Leaders who want to see true and lasting change in their lives must tap into the power of the Gospel. Many are discovering the power of coaching but unless it is powered by the Gospel and not self-effort, change will not last if it doesn't pass through the whole heart. 


Gospel Coaching gets to the core of the leader's heart and brings true, exciting and lasting change.

Gospel Coaching For Leaders is designed for a Christian leader in business or vocational ministry:

  • who desires to see lasting inside-out change

  • who is weary of focusing on discipline and consistency instead of intimacy with God

  • who needs encouragement, protection and accountability

  • who is lonely and looking for affirmation

  • who wants to experience the power of God to grow as a man

What are some of the results of Gospel Coaching?

  • You will be known, lead, fed and protected by your Gospel Coach

  • You will see how the gospel brings you freedom in your personal, spiritual and missional life

  • Your identity will be rooted in who you are not what you do

  • Your worship will become more God-focused

  • You will connect deeper with others in community

  • You will be more empowered to carry out God's mission

These are the topics you will interact with:

  1. Discovery Session

  2. Your Right Path Profile and Gospel Implications

  3. Your Part in God's Larger Story

  4. Gospel-Centered Leadership

  5. Heart Idols

  6. Gospel Waltz Tool

  7. Living an Examined Life

  8. Gospel Life Plan -Calling

  9. Gospel Life Plan -Goals

  10. Gospel Life Plan -Action Steps

  11. Gospel Life Plan -Stewardship

  12. Increasing Energy and Reducing Time Wasters

Here's how Gospel Coaching for Leaders works:

  • You will read selections from Gospel Coach in preparation

  • We will have 12 sessions together over the phone lasting one hour each

  • You will design a Gospel Life Plan so you have a compass to guide you

  • You will gain tools which you will probably use the rest of your life and ministry

Let’s explore the possibility of working together!

If this service sounds like it would help you, then take the next step and set up a strategy session so we can discuss your situation.