Are you a leader who is…

  • Stressed out about not having enough time?
  • Foggy and insecure about your leadership?
  • Paralyzed by leadership challenges in your organization?
  • Exhausted and on the verge of burnout?
Charles helped me to figure out, focus on, and follow through on goals that helped revive me both personally and professionally. –Jimmy Davis


The majority of leaders like you are bogged down with constant stress, challenges and change.

Throughout my career, as a Pastor and Executive Coach, I have seen and experienced the pitfalls and challenges which men struggle with.
You will experience a shepherd’s heart because I have battled through many victories, two-time burnout survivor, helping wife through cancer and chronic illness, stress, hiring-firing, organizational initiatives, marriage struggles, leading teams, deep disappointments and so many leadership challenges.
I regained confidence in my calling and ability to lead. -John Roberts


 Areas which clients have needed acceleration

  • Gaining more influence in the organization
  • Launching a new initiative
  • Engaging and mobilizing employees
  • Developing a strategic plan with execution markers
  • Getting a commitment and building alignment among the leadership team
  • Improving relationship with the boss
  • Implementing difficult changes
  • Improving specific leadership skills and behaviors
  • Work-Life Blending
  • Getting clarity about organizational strategy and direction

Charles helped me understand to not spread myself too thin. Less is more. It’s better to do less well than more in a mediocre way.  -Scotty Hollins

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