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5 Leadership Voices Workshop #1

Discover Your Leadership Voice

Learn the behaviors and value of each of the 5 Voices and identify the natural Voice you use in the team.

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5 Voices is a thought provoking, insightful, and applicable concept for all organizations....business, government, health care, ministry, education or other non-profits. The book is well written and full of examples that help the 5 Voices principles come alive.
— TIM TASSOPOULOS, Executive Vice President of Operations, Chick-fil-A


  • Recognize the characteristics of each of the 5 Voices

  • Identify your Foundational Leadership Voice

  • Build confidence in using your Foundational Leadership Voice

  • Commit to applying your Leadership Insights


  1. Know Yourself to Lead Yourself

  2. The Nurturer

  3. The Creative

  4. The Guardian

  5. The Connector

  6. The Pioneer

  7. 5 Voice Order

  8. Leadership Insights

  9. Personal Development Plan

Be sure to see the next workshop which builds on this first workshop.

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