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Accelerating Leaders
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Accelerating Leaders

Developing High-Potentials

Leader, are you responsible for developing high-potentials for your organization or team?

  • 85% of global companies report an urgent need for employees with leadership potential.
  • 79% say they are not satisfied with the bench strength of their future leaders.
  • Only 40% say their current high-potentials can meet their future business needs.
  • The challenges of developing high-potential leaders come from budget cuts, aging workforce, bosses who don’t know how to develop leaders, and the long-term investment of time.
  • Many organizations don’t have a lot of confidence to develop the next generation of leaders. 

Many executives and professionals feel so bogged down by the demands of their present role, it is difficult to be intentional about developing new leaders for the future.   

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I don't need as much help with the business side of things like spreadsheets and marketing.  My problems are with the people side of the business. 80% of my challenges are between my ears while being totally lonely at the top.  

~ Dan Cooper, former client and business owner

Benefits of High-Potential Coaching 

  • Gain focus and confidence to develop high-potential leaders
  • Increase your organization's bench strength 
  • Have a clear process for leadership development
  • Discover the power of self-awareness
  • Understand the top 5 competencies high-potential leaders need
  • Lead others through your unique leadership profile
  • Strengthen the 5 most common workplace behaviors that impact performance
  • Develop coaching skills to add to your supervision role

I can honestly say that coaching with Charles is one of the most important things I have ever done for my personal and professional life. My life changed and those in my family, company, and community are the beneficiaries.
— Slade McLendon, Vice President of Sunbelt Fire

Projects my clients and I have focused on:

  •     ENT Surgeon: Designing a strategic plan in 7 key life accounts for his medical practice and life
  •     Lawyer: Growing his law practice revenue while also starting a non-profit to serve his community
  •     Boomer Manager: Understanding and developing high-potential Millennial employees
  •     Vice President: Increasing awareness of team strengths and struggles through Right Path
  •     Hundreds of Senior Pastors: Designing a reproducable leader development process
  •     Millennial Entrepreneur: Starting a business, clarifying his niche, and becoming profitable
  •     Mega-Church: Creating a coach training process which trained ~75 volunteer coaches
  •     IT Manager: Improving executive presence through addressing his mindset, skills, and behaviors
  •     School Headmaster: Navigating through the stages of major change and transition 

A recent study of Executive Coaching in a Fortune 500 firm reported a 529% return on investment and significant intangible benefits to the business.
— Metrix Global