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Strategic Planning Made Simple

Any organization, company, or business who wants to do something significant needs a strategic plan. The challenge in strategic planning is the ability to design a simple plan without exhausting yourself, your budget, and your team in the process.


Your organization might be in these situations:

  • You are not pleased with your current strategic planning process.

  • You need to plan strategic direction but you lack a framework to do so.

  • You have a strategy but it is not getting implemented well.

  • You don’t want to blow your budget on expensive and invasive consulting.

  • You want to use strategic planning as a way to develop employees and have a team participate.

There is a five step process I use to help organizations with strategic planning. Here is a high-level summary to get the idea. 

Step 1: Plan out the Process

I interview you as the leader with 9 key questions so we can plan out the strategic planning process before you bring in your team.

Step 2: Look at the Big Picture Questions

There are 10 factors to consider which bring insights and clarity to the development or revision of your strategic plan.  Each of these factors include key questions and exercises for the team to engage with.

Step 3: Narrow down to 3 Main Initiatives

The Big Picture Questions are designed to uncover potential strategic initiatives. From there you will develop a short list of no more than 3 key priorities or initiatives.  You will create an overarching strategic theme which will help you influence and communicate to your organization.

Step 4: Design the Initiative Plan of Action

Strategy is meaningless without execution.  Execution often requires tough decisions about roles, taking things off people’s plates, new hires, resources, compensation, communication and accountability.  For each initiative, we will discuss action steps in 12 areas.

Step 5: Coach the Champion through Execution

Getting the plan on paper is one thing, but getting it into action is where the hard work comes in.  A clear execution plan will be developed with monthly progress markers and quarterly reviews to ensure the plan is actually working.

Progress is man’s ability to complicate simplicity ~ Thor Heyerdahl

Some of the benefits of this approach include:

  • It provides a common language for discussing strategy with your team.

  • It takes the typical consulting jargon out because it is a very practical yet effective approach.

  • You can plan strategy for a fraction of the cost of hiring a consulting firm and yet I can help you move things forward with efficiency.

  • You can discover ways to give the organization an edge in your market.

  • The process moves from big picture ideas to actually making things happen.

  • You won’t get a big dust collecting binder which sits on your lower shelf!

What is your next strategic move?

If this service sounds like it would help you, then take the next step and set up a strategy session so we can discuss your situation.