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Maximizing Your Leadership Profile

In order to effectively lead in any way, you need to understand and maximize your unique leadership design. This one-on-one coaching will provide exercises and leadership coaching so you will progressively see your Leadership Profile emerge before your eyes.


Are you a leader who experiences these situations?

  • frustration with people you lead
  • stress from having more to do than there is time
  • imbalance with priorities
  • recent change in your life or career
  • feel like you are spinning plates most of the time
  • weary from always being on the go

There are 7 stepping stones you will walk on so that you can maximize your unique leadership profile:

  • Stone 1: Accepting your Life History
  • Stone 2: Pursuing your Passions
  • Stone 3: Validating your Values
  • Stone 4: Confirming your Calling
  • Stone 5: Proving your Profile
  • Stone 6: Galvanizing your Gifts
  • Stone 7: Setting Goals in your Roles

In the end, you will be living intentionally and leading others out of your unique design!

Here’s how Maximizing Your Unique Leadership Design Coaching works:

  • You will work through exercises which will focus your learning
  • We will have 12 sessions to focus on your development
  • You have unlimited email support to encourage you towards progress
  • You will progressively fill out a "Master's Design Worksheet" which is your Leadership Profile

Your Next Step: Let’s explore the possibility of working together.

If this service sounds like it would help you, then take the next step and set up a strategy session so we can discuss your situation.