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Highly-Interactive 90 minute Workshops for your team or organization: Discover Your Leadership Voice, The Power of Your Voice, The Art of Collaboration, Optimizing Team Performance, Team Kryptonite, and Coaching Workshop for Christian Leaders.

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Workshop 1 Transforming Team Communication

Discover Your Leadership Voice

Learn the behaviors and value of each of the 5 Voices and identify the natural Voice you use in the team.

Workshop 2 Transforming Team Communication

The Power of Your Voice

Celebrate the contribution your Voice brings and learn the negative impact your Voice can have on others.

Workshop 3 Transforming Team Communication

The Art of Collaboration

Get the best from each person in your team by learning to leverage and trust the strengths of their Voice.

Workshop 4 Transforming Team Communication

Optimizing Team Performance

Learn how to create team alignment and synergy by harnessing the contribution of all 5 Voices.

Workshop 5 Transforming Team Communication

Team Kryptonite

Apply practical tools to avoid the five main reasons why your team will not achieve its potential.

Delivery Options for Transforming team communication Workshops 1-5

  1. Once a month format for 6 total months. Live or Zoom.

  2. Once a week format for 6 total weeks. Live or Zoom.

  3. Two day Retreat format 10:00 am first day to 3:00 pm second day.

Workshop 6 Coaching Workshop

The Coaching Workshop for Christian Leaders

Powerful leadership skills for solving problems, reaching goals and developing others. There are various available formats which range from a 3-day to 12 weeks.

Charles pours himself into the lives of those he serves through coaching around the world. He combines the head and the heart -he’s the genuine article. We are glad he is on the teaching faculty of PCCI!
— Chris McCluskey, President of PCCI

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